Lab'SPb La Diva

Юный Вице Чемпион Мира'16, ИНТЕРЧЕМПИОН, Чемпион НКП

Date of birth: 19.05.2015 
(West Sib Story Aidaho x Lab`SPB Idea Fix)

HD C/C, ED 0/0 
Optigen Normal/Clear by parentage
EIC Clear 
HNPK Clear 

CH West Sib Story Aidaho Larkspur's Lynx СH Larkspur's Lothario CH Paradocs Tabatha's Caillou
Nirvana's Flashpoint
Nirvana's Jade Gate CH Tabatha's Sport
Pipeline Zelda
CH Lab'SPb Alabama Girl CH Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble CH Julsby Hey Good Lookin'
CH Gateway's White Dove
CH Mallorn's Esencia СH Follies Traveller
Mallorn's Eternity
CH Lab'SPb Idea Fix CH Devonshire's Limited Edition Timberland Woodsman At Lor-Al Lor-Al's Direct Deposit
Crossfire The Tempest At Timberland
CH Devonshires Abby Lane CH Dickendall Davaron Gable
By Jove Millicent Fenwick
CH American Dream For Lab'SPb CH Dickendall Davaron Gable CH Dickendall Arnold
Wolvercote Gaity Girl
CH Arcabaleno Curious Girl CH Tweedledum Against All Odds
CH Timantti Solid Arabeska

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